Smart Circuit City


This innovation is a new concept of refueling Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles that will revolutionary the utilization of NGV in the next years. A complete automated fast refueling CNG service station system for managing the exchange cylinder pack mounted on-board NG vehicles as taxis, mini-bus (VANS), trucks, buses, junk trucks and cars. The automated CNG service station include cylinder pack with universal quick disconnect system, anti-piracy and identification RFID checker system, conveyers and more. The system has a human guided interactive interface (follow the signs methodology) that minimizing the inconvenience to the vehicle operator.

  • 100% AUTOMATED concept
  • 40% SAVING on CNG station investiment
  • LESS than 1 MINUTE to refuel
  • FLEXIBLE for all vehicle types and models
  • HIGH TECH (Robot, RFID, Carbon Fiber Cylinder, Image Recognition,…)
  • INTERACTIVE INTERFACE (“Follow the Signs Methodology“)

  • Start: 2016
  • Status: On going
  • Where: THRUONE Facility
  • Pilot Project: Technology Park of São José dos Campos – SP – Brazil
  • Potential Target Market: 50 Units